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DATE: 2020


Founded by Mahima Chawla, my role as a Brand Designer at Cocoon was to create a logo and brand mark that resonated with the company's primary audience: young families and mothers. 

The project was an opportunity to reflect Cocoon's ethos of nurturing and support, while maintaining a clean and clear visual system. My approach combined empathy with creative design, aiming to embody the company's spirit and values in a visual form that connected authentically with its users.

The final design was a harmonious mix of simplicity and symbolism, perfectly capturing Cocoon's mission to provide a supportive, family-friendly environment. This work not only showcased my ability to translate client values into compelling visual narratives but also emphasized my commitment to designs that engage specific target audiences on an emotional level. 

The “Nest” (as we would grow to call it) was developed for Cocoon and stood as a testament the companies early commitment to caring for the experience of motherhood and family.