1. API Deployment Illustration
2. Ebook
3. Landing Page Tiles
4. Event Illustration
5. Homepage Design
6. Interior Design Elements
7. Ephemera
8. Event Banners

DATES: 2017-2020


Algolia is a proprietary search-as-a-service platform designed for use cases that require high quality and relevant search. 

During my 2.5 years as a Senior Brand Designer at Algolia, I handled a diverse range of tasks for our US-based offices, from creating sales collateral and managing event production to overseeing interior design. My goal was to ensure that every element reflected Algolia's brand ethos, maintaining a consistency across all environments.

A significant milestone in my role was leading a major update in Algolia's branding, starting with a new illustration style. These illustrations, central to our visual identity, were crafted to clearly communicate Algolia's efficient and user-friendly search technology.

Meanwhile, I worked with international teams on a complementary web branding update, ensuring a cohesive and modern brand image across all digital touchpoints.